Archery king

Drag your money and save your King from the crowd of Goblin and Troll surrounded by his tower! Crush your enemies and become the biggest small archer in this challenging, fantasy, action game

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Sound the Bugle for Katappa, the Mythical legendary warrior from Maahishmati decimating his

opponents in an exciting Game Avatar. Feel the awesome power and command of weapons from our

Hero that leads the battle and conquer them one by one with his strategy and brute force.


King Ring is a gorgeous, minimalist game that is surprisingly challenging and addictive. Arrange the circles of the same color in a diagonally or horizontally straight line to destroy it. The game ends when there is no space left to place any circle.

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The sole aim of the monster in the Modo game is to survive all the odds and win the game by being alive. Surviving and staying alive becomes of a crucial importance when the dangers surround the monster from every angle.

Drive Master

Let's have fun.

Draw a path and drive your vehicle to reach the destination.  Simple and addictive gameplay

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PoliticalPop Bubble Shooter

Adding a spicy twist to the classic bubble shooter game, we at Curve Art Studios have come up with an immersive mobile game “Bubble Shooter- Political Pop”. We have designed and created game characters out of imagination. The game is FREE to download and play for all the users across the world.